Thursday Evening Racing

Thursday evenings are when we run two relaxed races alongside social sailing. The courses are kept simple, the atmosphere is welcoming, and all beginners are encouraged to use Thursday Evenings to begin getting into racing. If you have little to no experience in racing, come along on a Thursday and give it a go! The results over the season are tallied up and the winner awarded a prize, while the final Thursday evening of the season hosts the George Washington Cup - a trophy that can only be won by sailors who have never won a non-commitee awarded prize before.


Sunday Afternoon Racing

Sunday afternoons are when our usual racing series takes place. The Sunday racing schedule features four series consisting of Spring, Summer, August Mini, and Autumn. Each series contains twelve races with the best six results counting. The pursuit series runs all season long.


The usual schedule of races is a Handicap Race (starting at 13:00), followed by a Personal Pursuit Race, and then another Handicap Race afterwards. In August, all races are handicap races.


Trophy Events

Some Sundays have special trophy events in place of the usual series races. These include the Easter Egg Races, Camweld Trophy, Whitsun Cup, Roswell Monster, Jamie Butcher Memorial Races, Halloween Races, and more. These events all start at the earlier time of 11:00am in order to accommodate an additional race on the day. This means they have four races with your the best three races counting. 



Cups are awarded for all Ely SC class fleets based on the points for the best 10 class races of the season, plus; runners-up, aggregate points and cadet trophies.


There are also cups for each Handicap and Pursuit series (Cadet and Adult) based upon points from the best counting races and on aggregate points over the whole series.


There are also trophies for one-day events, as well as committee awarded prizes such as best crew, best capsize, most improved helm (Cadet and Adult), social sailing and for Clubmanship.


Youth Racing at Ely

Racing at Ely has a high number of youth sailors. Sailing a range of classes, from Toppers and Lasers, to Bugs and RS Aeros. The racing is always fun and exciting, and experienced helms are happy to offer advice and coaching.

Ely has a strong history of supporting youth sailors to improve. Every year, a team of Ely cadets take part in the Cambridgeshire Youth League, competing in five events held at five locations throughout the year. Over the past few years, several Ely sailors have won the overall season award, as well as successes at individual events.


Other events suitable for cadets are Team Racing, Cadet Courses, and Social Events. In addition, all scheduled sailing sessions have members on duty who will be more than happy to give advice or coaching if requested.