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CAMBRIDGESHIRE YOUTH SAILING LEAGUE - Saturday 13th July - Arrive for 9.30am (NO social sailing on this day - Sorry)

This coming Saturday sees Ely host the latest round of the Cambridgeshire Youth League. This event is open to all cadets who fancy taking part in this fun, but competitive race against sailors of similar age from other clubs. Any boat can be sailed, not just Toppers and there are prizes awarded to three separate age categories. There are three races with one discard. Race briefing is at 10.30am with the first race beginning at 11.00am. Entry fee is just £1. Anyone wishing to take part and who requires the hire of a club boat, please contact the Cadet Officer, Kirk, on training.elysc@gmail.com to reserve your vessel on a first come first served basis. Please note, there is NO SOCIAL SAILING taking place on this day. Apologies and thank you for your understanding.


Should anyone wish to progress their sailing to the next level, there are still some spaces available on the last 3 courses scheduled for this year. This season the training team have yet again performed miracles in arranging both the quantity and breadth of courses available. The early season courses mainly focused on those people new to sailing. However, these last 3 dates are mainly targeted at those who have now gained some hours out on the water and who wish to take their sailing to the next level and up-skill by doing either Level 2 (Adult) or Stage 3 or Stage 4 (Child). As a current member the price of these courses are discounted for you. If interested, please see the website or contact the Training Course Co-ordinator, Chris, on training.elysc@gmail for more information. The course dates are as follows:

Adult Level 1 or 2

Sat 20th July and Sun 21st July

Junior Course Stage 1 or 2

Sat 20th July and Sun 21st July

Junior Course Stage 1 or 2 or 3

Tues 13th August and Wed 14th August

Junior Course Stage 1 or 2 or 3 or 4

Tues 20th August and Wed 21st August

CASINO EVENING - Saturday 27th July - 7.00pm

For all those members who are new to the club and its ways, as well as all those who are long in the tooth and familiar with the dark side, we invite you all to come along to a fun casino evening we will be holding at the club on Saturday 27th July from 7.00pm. Both Black Jack and Roulette tables will be available. There is no need to go all posh and dress up - please just rock up as you are and join in the evening with us.

The only charge will be for those who wish to take part and who are invited to buy a bundle of poker chips for £5. The 5 people with the most chips left at some point later in the evening will qualify for a Champions League style final. The top two will win prizes. This evening event is open to all members, their families and friends too. All are welcome – so please do come along.

It will be an ideal opportunity and I dare say, informative experience, for any children to learn for themselves just how easy it is for them, or their parents, to drink and gamble away any inheritance that has been assiduously accumulated to date. Such skills are normally only provided by a hard life or from a university education.

For a nominal charge food will be available for anyone with the "munchies" later on in the evening, which will be advertised nearer the time. And of course, the bar will be open.


WHITSUN CUP - Sunday 9th June

The most recent one day Sunday trophy saw a good turnout of nine dinghies with some new members and cadets giving racing a go. The day itself went to Chandler Stamford with three firsts (3 points) who claimed the trophy, followed by Kirk Stamford in second with three second-place finishes (6 points) with Laura Campbell in third place with 10 points. Also, a particular well done to Matthew Campbell who finished just outside the podium spots.

12 HOUR OVERNIGHT RACE - Saturday 22nd June

The Saturday nearest to the Summer Solstice saw an excellent turnout of hardy souls and insomniacs take part in only our second annual 12-hour overnight race. Naturally, sleep was scarce, but fun and good humour were in abundant supply as 5 dinghies each with a team of between 4 to 6 sailed for 12 hours in the dark – complete madness! Only at ESC does this kind of stuff pass as fun – it’s why we love our little club so much. Even the Commodore got caught up in the excitement of it all and was waterborne for a whole two hours, whilst bravely enduring damp, cramp and a catastrophic beer spillage.

And the winners were…..

Winner of most laps - 26 laps - Alayne, Suzie, Gerald, Tanya, Marie (National 12)

Joint Runner-Up - 23 laps - Chandler, Kirk, Mike, Rhys, Isabel (Enterprise)

Joint Runner-Up - 23 laps - Xavier, Kate, Sara, Alex, Steve, Ian (GP14)

Winner of quickest average lap time - 25 minutes 3 seconds - As Above (National 12)

Runner-Up - 29 minutes 2 seconds - Chandler, Kirk, Mike, Rhys, Isabel (Enterprise)

Winner of fastest lap - 10 minutes 58 seconds - Chandler, Kirk, Mike, Rhys, Isabel (Enterprise)

Runner-Up - Alayne, Suzie, Gerald, Tanya, Marie (National 12)


The Topper coaching day and Traveller Open weekend was yet again another incredibly successful event hosted here at ESC for the fourth successive year on behalf of the Eastern Region of the Topper Association. It was fantastic to see all the club Toppers hired out with the participants benefiting from some excellent coaching on the Saturday from the highly regarded coach, Vince Christan.

The Sunday saw a bright sunny day greet the Topper Open race with a fair wind into the bargain for the 16 entrants. A hearty congratulations to the Ely sailors of Sara, Tatiana, Laura and Matthew who took part in the four races, you all sailed exceptionally well. For several of the younger cadets, this was their first taste of competitive racing and they did themselves and ESC very proud indeed. It is only a matter of time before your name is on the Trophy! A special mention to both Kirk and Ted too (past winners of this particular event) who also took part in the race despite actually moving out of Toppers and into Lasers several years ago. Despite their recent growth spurts they still willingly contorted themselves into a Topper each in order to provide some moral support to their fellow ESC cadets. Thank you all.


It’s fantastic to see so many members hiring the club boats to facilitate their enjoyment of sailing and with this extra usage comes extra wear and tear. Therefore, could I request that should anything become loose or damaged, please bring this to the attention of the “Officer of the Day” and to also write it in the boat hire book. This will ensure that any defects are repaired as quickly as possible for you. Equally, please remember to take care of all the kit that is at your disposal and treat it carefully for the benefit of all. Thank you very much.

In addition, in the interests of safety, please ensure the rescue craft is out of the boat shed and tethered to the jetty in preparation for the sailing session before sailing a hired club boat out onto the lake. I realise this may seem a touch trivial, but in order for the rescue boat to come to your assistance promptly, it needs to be in place first before it can respond to your capsize dilemma. Thank you for your understanding.

That's all for now, hope to see you all at the club soon!




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