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The last Thursday evening sailing session for this year culminated in the George Washington Cup, a standalone sailing award especially designed to reward any sailor who hasn’t been fortunate to get their hands on a sailing trophy to date. An excellent turnout on the night saw seven eligible helms, four with crew, mostly recent sailing course attendees and novice sailors give this race a crack.

Third place went to Kitty who had the misfortune of having her 20 stone Dad, Steve as ballast, sorry I mean crew, with her all the way round the course. With a little work I think he’ll get the hang of it sooner or later and no doubt next year Kitty will move further up the fleet. 

Second place went to James Hatton crewed by his young family with two second place finishes with the evening’s honours deservedly going to Tatiana Hazelwood with two firsts and with it collected her first piece of sailing silverware at ESC.

The other participants who deserve a mention for making the event a competitive and fun occasion are Fernando Calamonte, Helen Bridge and Ben and Aaron Styling


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