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Ely hosted the third event of the annual Cambridgeshire Youth Sailing League racing series on Saturday 13th July. Several honours deservedly went to a number of Ely cadets who impressed with some fine sailing performances. Competing for ESC were Kirk Stamford, Rhys Williams, Thomas Alderton, Tatiana Hazelwood, Sara Goujon and Lori-Ann Lamont. The day went to Kirk, winning the overall competition counting two firsts (two points). Thomas Alderton was fourth overall and the first Under-15 (six points). Sara Goujon was sixth overall and second Under-15 (eight points)

Race One:

Greeted by ideal wind conditions of 10mph the six Ely sailors took to the water for the first race. Kirk in a Laser got off to a fantastic start with him pulling away from the rest of the fleet, rounding the first mark in the lead, a position he maintained for the rest of the race.

Sara, sailing her Pico in only her first ever CYSL event worked her way through the fleet overtaking the majority of the Toppers to finish in fifth place. Thomas, who sailed an impressive race in his Topper managed to keep sufficiently in front of Sara to finish fourth. Rhys sailed his best race in an Aero 5 and crossed the line in third place.

After applying the handicap the finishing positions were as follows:

1) Kirk Stamford (Ely)

2) Oscar Bell (Cam)

3) Archie McEwan (Grafham)

4) Thomas Alderton (Ely)

5) Sara Goujon (Ely)

11) Tatiana Hazelwood (Ely)

12) Rhys Williams (Ely)

Race Two:

In the second race the wind maintained its constant strength. Kirk once again got off to a flyer and led the race throughout. Thomas and Tatiana maintained their impressive sailing, winning several tussles and working their way into the top half of the fleet. Despite crossing the line half a lap ahead of the fleet, Kirk wasn’t sufficiently far enough ahead on handicap of the pursuing pack to win and finished fifth. Thomas maintained his brilliant sailing and deservedly came in second with Sara in sixth.

1) Archie McEwan (Grafham)

2 Thomas Alderton (Ely)

3) Dara Asten (Hunts)

4) Owen Pope (Grafham)

5) Kirk Stamford (Ely)

6) Sara Goujon (Ely)

12) Tatiana Hazelwood (Ely)

15) Rhys Williams (Ely)

Race Three:

It was all to play for in this last race, as two races counted with one to be discarded, but only Sara got off to a good start. With the wind kindly remaining constant several individual battles played out with Sara holding off close attention from an RS Feva and Kirk tussling with a fellow Laser. As the first lap progressed Kirk tacked beautifully to keep away from the confined fleet and took advantage of the open space to reach the front of the fleet and then opened up a commanding lead, a position he maintained to the end once again. Sara continued her impressive day by finishing third. Tatiana, taking part in only her third competitive inter-club event had another consistent race and even more pleasing was the smile written large on her face throughout the day. ESC is very lucky to have cadets with such winning personalities.

1) Kirk Stamford

2) Dara Asten (Hunts)

3) Sara Goujon (Ely)

7) Thomas Alderton (Ely)

11) Tatiana Hazelwood (Ely)

13) Rhys Williams (Ely)


1) Kirk Stamford (Ely) 2 Points

2) Archie McEwan (Grafham) 4 Points

3) Dara Asten (Hunts) 6 Points

4) Thomas Alderton (Ely) 6 Points

5) Oscar Bell (Cam) 8 Points

6) Sara Goujon (Ely) 8 Points

12) Tatiana Hazelwood (Ely) 12 Points

15) Rhys Williams (Ely) 25 Points


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