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May Newsletter

Well done to all those who have braved the terrible weather to go sailing since the season began, especially to the ever cheerful and always smiling Sara, one of our young cadets whose eagerness to get on the water meant she made her Mum and Dad bring her one day even when the club wasn’t open! We salute you. Please don’t stop being a ray of sunshine!


Congratulations to those who took part in the recent Easter Trophy, the 13 competitors produced some exciting racing and with each of the 4 scheduled races having a different winner meant the day went to the wire. The overall winner was Kirk Stamford. Chandler Stamford and Eric Christian were second and third respectively. The junior cadet race was won by Ted, with Jessika & Lori-Ann second and Rhys third.


Many thanks to all though who came along to take part in our recent Open Day. It was a pity it wasn’t warmer, but some good food and music by the “Rocking Ukuleles of Ely” meant smiles were aplenty. A special thank you to those in the cast who organised the day for others to enjoy – Ian, Tim, Mike and Rhys on “Pontoon Duty”. Chris Horne as “Gatekeeper Extraordinaire”. Kirk, Ted, Alan, John, Phil, Simon, Gary, Spencer, James and Richard as the “Ferrymen”. Chris, Gaby and Steve as “The Faces of ESC”. And a massive thank you to the busiest crew of the day, those in the galley, Liz, Ingrid, Jan and Karen, who served untold hot drinks throughout the day and who never stopped. A special thank you to Liz for making the cakes which as always were very well received.


The start of Friday evening recreational sailing for this season begins on this day. We would like Friday evening to become known as "Family Takeaway Night". Please come straight from work, meet family members at the club, bring food with you, or arrange a takeaway on arrival and then enjoy an evening of relaxed sailing with your loved ones to unwind after a week at work. Lovely. The bar as ever will be open for those who would like to come and just have a drink and enjoy the surroundings.

FAMILY SAILING COURSE – Saturday 25th/Sunday 2th May – From 9.00am

There are still some places available for the Family Sailing Course on the first weekend of Whitsun half term. Families who sail together stay together (sorry Mum, sorry Dad), so if you fancy learning to sail as a family, or if any cadets wish to move up to Stage 2, then this will be the ideal time to give it a go.


We shall soon be taking delivery of a new grey RIB rescue boat. Black Pearl was nursed around the lake for one last time on Tuesday before going to the “RIB Vets” to be put down! Gary has been inconsolable ever since. He and Black Pearl were inseparable and we all know he can’t wait for delivery of a new playmate. We would like to invite ideas for naming rights (only clean suggestions will be selected obviously, but don’t let that stop you – we always like a good laugh). Please click the link below to place your naming suggestion. The winner will be announced soon!


Congratulations and well done to all the recent adult and children's course attendees for successfully completing their RYA Level 1, Level 2 and Stage 1 qualifications. We hope you learned much and had fun on the water despite the howling wind on the first day. As a fully-fledged member club dinghies are available for you to hire. We hope to see you sailing soon and welcome to Ely Sailing Club.


For those who wish to renew their membership, but haven't got round to it yet, please find attached below the link to help make things easier for you.

Our Membership Secretary has been seen sharpening her “Tools of Torture” recently. We can only hold her back for so long!!!


Earlier in the year members were sent an email via Dutyman, the electronic duty reminder system, detailing the type of duties and the dates that were allocated to everyone lucky enough to be chosen – you lucky people. Naturally, sailing cannot occur without kind souls opening up the clubhouse and manning the rescue boat so that others can enjoy their time sailing.

Therefore, can we politely request that those who haven’t yet done so, please refer to that email and confirm attendance, or where it’s not convenient, to request a swap. Thank you for your understanding, it is very much appreciated.

That's all for now, but please watch this space or the website for more info......


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