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Laying Up Supper 2018

Ely Sailing Club's annual Laying Up Supper was once again a great success. With the evening starting at 7pm, it signalled the start to a very warm and friendly evening.

The evening kicked off with the prize giving ceremony, where each winner one by one had their achievements read out by Commodore Gary Ungless, and trophies awarded by Membership Secretary Liz Ungless. Prize winners received a certificate of their awards and the trophies themselves.

Following the prize giving, a tasty Mediterranean Paella was enjoyed by all, with many going up for seconds. Liz kindly prepared a wonderful array of desserts, which much like the dinner, disappeared very quickly!

Well done to all the prize winners, and a special thank you to all members who came and made it such an enjoyable evening.


The full prize list is as follows:

Kirk Stamford

Sportsmanship Award

Jamie Butcher Memorial Races

Junior Trophy

Norman Brettell Cup

Thursday Evening Shield

Team Racing Trophy

John Wells

Laser Cup Aggregate Points

Laser Cup Best 10 Races

Thurmott Shield

Summer Page Fine Jewellery Handicap Series

August Mini Handicap Series

Halloween Bowl

Gary Ungless

Solo Salver Aggregate Points

Solo Salver Best 10

Roswell Monster

Camweld Trophy

Spring Handicap Series

Alayne Seymour

Ladies Plate

12 Hour Race

Queen Duck

Ian Wakeling

Mixed Fleet Aggregate Points

Autumn Handicap Series

Pursuit Trophy

Simon Leeks

Easter Egg Races

Whitsun Cup

Jo Woodall

Ship's Wheel - Most Improved Adult Joint

Saturday Social Sailing Award

Rhys Williams

Junior Ship's Wheel - Most Improved Cadet Joint

Traveller's Trophy

Mike Williams

Ship's Wheel - Most Improved Adult Joint

Traveller's Trophy

Laura Campbell

Topper Aggregate Points

Junior Ship's Wheel - Most Improved Cadet Joint

Sara Goujon

Junior Ship's Wheel - Most Improved Cadet Joint

Dr K. Maurice Smith Award For Crewing

Gil Hart

Summer Model Yachting Series

Winter Model Yachting Series

Chandler Stamford

Team Racing Trophy

Suzie Sallis

12 Hour Race

Gary Ungless and Liz Ungless

Ernie Wootton Trophy for Clubmanship

Tatiana Hazelwood

Junior Ship's Wheel - Most Improved Cadet Joint

Tim Downs

George Washington Trophy

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