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My last Commodore's waffle.... We have finished the sailing season, and this is my last season as Commodore. Next year, Mark Stamford will be running the show and I will be relaxing, sipping my gin and tonics, and watching the committee slogging away organising and running events. Bliss!!! In fact, I will still be busy helping on training courses and running school holiday sailing days next spring/summer. These will be starting with two days in the Easter holidays. We are looking at extending the idea and having a similar day for families to come and sail on a weekday in the holidays. We have a newly painted clubhouse. The decor was looking old and jaded, so the committee decided unanimously to spend money getting it redecorated. The new colours have improved the space considerably. Note use of the word ‘space’, I watch all those renovation & DIY programmes on CH4. The club renovation is on a par with anything you've seen on CH4. We are even going to have sailing buzz words dotted on the walls! Your first opportunity to see the new look is the Laying Up Supper on Saturday. We will have great food, and I get to give out the certificates and trophies for the winners of the club events. There are also some prizes awarded by the committee. The prize that everyone wants is the ‘King Duck’ for the best, most talked about capsize. There were several nominations, but one stood out from the rest. So please come along, it will be a low key family friendly evening with great food. Details and booking are here on the website. Everyone loves a roast Christmas dinner! On Sunday December 9th, we are having our traditional Christmas feast at the clubhouse. With juicy turkey slowly cooked in Jan’s Aga, traditional freshly prepared hand cut vegetables, (including sprouts unfortunately). The meal is dressed with all the extras we expected at Christmas and finished off with proper gravy. We have a great team of cooks preparing the food. This will all be followed by coffee, chocolates and Liz’s special mince pies before you waddle home to sleep the rest of the day away. This feast is only £10, with children and pensioners £8. Note to self: Pensioners eat more than anyone else. (They remember rationing) why do they pay less!? :) With the great promotional blurb ‘what I just wrote’, the places will soon fill. So go on the website and book now, if not sooner… We also have the AGM on Thu 22nd Nov at the clubhouse..… boring… boring…..boring… writers block… But we will keep the meeting short and open the bar. It is also good to come and have some input on next years plans. Gary Commodore (But not for much longer!)


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