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An Exciting Weekend! The four new RS Zest’s have arrived in time for Saturday’s overnight race! We will be having an official launch and naming at 6:30pm tonight after which they will be available for anyone to have a go. RS Zest’s are a larger and vastly improved version of the Pico. They have more room, a transom to sit on, and a much higher boom. These are a great addition to the club fleet and will be ideal for both adults and children to sail. On Saturday afternoon, they will be available to hire for social sailing. A Midsummer Night’s Team (race). A comedy written by Bill Straight-Spar Saturday night will see the first ever overnight race. The weather is guaranteed to be warm and dry, and probably windless. The emphasis will be on having fun. The BBQ will be on. Takeaways can be ordered. Bacon rolls will be available in the morning. The log fire will be burning away during the short hours of darkness. An inebriate rendition of Will Shakespeare’s comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, is planned but will probably not take place. My boat preparations are virtually complete. The Wayfarer has been fitted out with a bar, small bed, and has internet access. The jib has been removed and the front deck space fitted with a patio set for entertaining guests. If you are not sailing this will be a great social get together. I am sure I read somewhere that tiredness can be fought off with enough wine and conversation. Witnessing a mid summer dawn on Ely pits will be memorable (and probably rare), so don't miss this opportunity. Please bring essentials…… Food, warm clothing for early dawn, insect repellent etc, but most importantly, money for the bar! Gary


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