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Egg-citing Easter Egg Eggs-travaganza!

The start of the 2018 sailing season kicked off with the annual Easter Egg Races event, with several prize Easter eggs up for grabs! The winds were light for the day and so it served as a gentle reintroduction to racing for the ten boats on the water. The racing was competitive and egg-ceptional.

The first race saw Simon Leeks in his Solo victorious after egg-straordinarily navigating his way up a shifty beat. Despite sailing to the incorrect mark, he managed to regain enough ground to claim the win on handicap. Not an im-peck-able race but successful nonetheless. Alan White also in a Solo came second keeping pace with the surrounding boats and doing enough to "beat" them on corrected time. In third place was Chandler Stamford in his Laser.

The second race was significantly slower with the wind almost non-egg-sistent and the sailors managing just one and three quarters of a lap in 45 minutes. The conditions were egg-streme. Despite this, Simon Leeks once again was the master of the light winds and sailed to a clear victory. Kirk and Chandler Stamford had a close tussle around the course with Gerald and Tanya Copsey in a N12, with the Laser sailors eventually "breaking" clear. Kirk did superbly well managing to crack on and get ahead of Chandler to take second place. Chandler was third.

In the final race, the wind had swung 90 degrees and was less scrambled with a more consistent direction. It had also picked up to be the strongest it had been all day meaning the sailors were more free-range than caged. In keeping with his previous form, Leeks had an egg-splosive start while the rest of the fleet took a while to get going. Copsey led the chase slowly reeling Simon in. However, Simon made the most of his clear wind and finished the day with the 'triple-yolker' of the sailing world - three straight victories. Chandler recovered from a poor start to catch up with the race leaders after opting to 'whisk it' and sail up the beat on the opposite tack for clear wind. He did enough to beat Copsey on corrected time to take second place. Closely following in third place was Gary Ungless in his Solo.

Overall, Simon Leeks was the winner of the Easter Egg trophy, with Chandler Stamford in second and Kirk Stamford in third. It was great to get back on the water for some sailing based eggs-ercise, and all the sailors were egg-static with the day's races.

Egg-sactly after the racing was complete, it was followed by a friendly get together led by Commodore Gary Ungless who hatched a plan to invite all members to convene in the clubhouse for cakes, snacks, drinks and to chat with fellow members.

Sorry if the egg puns were egg-sasperating!

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