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NEW! Members' Forum Launched

The club is excited to announce a recent update to our website – a Members’ Forum!

This feature, accessible under the Membership tab, will allow all members to contribute, creating a communicative and helpful resource that provides members with the opportunity to ask questions and find advice.

All members are welcome to create an account HERE and once approved, you will be able to start new threads, comment on other threads, or edit your profile. Your account should be approved within ten minutes. If you do not receive an approval email after this time, please check your spam email folder.

The forum features five key categories: social sailing, racing, boat maintenance, crew register, and miscellaneous. This should accommodate all queries you may have.

Example questions may include:

  • How would I go about repairing a crack in my hull?

  • How can I tune my rigging to point higher?

  • What sailing drills can I do to help me improve?

  • I need help interpreting Rule 17 please!

We hope that you will create an account and participate in creating a vibrant, informative, and friendly forum.

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