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This Sunday is Bart’s Bash. The Bart Race will start at 12pm followed by two normal Sunday races. We will collect a small entry fee from adults to donate to the Andrew Simpson Foundation. We will also be having a BBQ afterwards (about 4pm). I will be flipping burgers and charcoaling sausages to give them that authentic BBQ flavour...

It’s also Sebastian’s 1st birthday, so Gaby and James will be bringing cake!

With sailing, a master chef prepared BBQ, and birthday cake, we have all the bases covered.

We are continuing the Friday evening sailing until the end of September. It is getting dark early, so be early and you can sail for an hour and then learn how to de-rig in the dark. The alternative is to say ‘b***** the sailing’ and go straight to the bar. The lively social at the bar will be hosted by the glamorous Chris and the not very glamorous Mark. Please donate boxes of tissues for Chris - Chandler leaves for Uni soon.

Saturday 23rd is the Solo open. This is another great culinary event, with superb food supplied by Jan and Liz. You do have to sail a Solo in the races in order to qualify for dining privileges. You could come and watch these exciting races, and if there are a few crumbs left over, we may throw these out for the crowd to fight over.



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