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Topper Open

Sixteen sailors, eight of which were visitors, had to handle winds of 19mph and gusts reaching 31mph as they battled for first place in the Topper Traveller Open hosted at Ely Sailing Club.

Ted Pepper took an early lead in the first race and maintained that position until Kirk Stamford overtook him on the last leg finishing first, and Ted crossing the line second. Visitor, Seb Gotto, came third due to a mishap with his boat.

The second race saw Kirk having a perfect start creating a lead from the fleet. He retained that position and he came first despite having to handle some testing gusts. Seb also succeeded in separating from the fleet coming second. Ted failed to overtake both Seb and Kirk, but still finished in a respectable third place.

During the third race, the wind speed reduced, but the strength of the gusts increased making sailing difficult for the competitors. However, Kirk took advantage of the gusts and lifts, and came first once again. Seb came second after managing to avoid a capsize. However, Ted achieved a spectacular capsize and James Denney, who was a visitor, overtook him and came third.

During the fourth race, Seb overtook Kirk half way through the race and maintained his first position, with Kirk coming second. Ted was overtaken by James due to him capsizing, meaning Denney finished third with Pepper fourth.

Overall, Kirk Stamford won the Ely Sailing Club Topper Open, with Seb Gotto second and Ted Pepper third.

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