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Laser Open 2017

The Laser Open event on Sunday was sailed in gorgeous sunshine, with a shifty gusty breeze.

Chandler Stamford had a superb start in the first race, sailing clear of his competitors. Andy Wilcox, Kirk Stamford and John Wells all had a close tussle just behind vying for the podium positions. The wind dropped off slightly and Chandler found himself in a calm patch allowing the others to catch up, but he managed to get moving again and keep his place across the line. Andy finished in second and John in third. Kirk was a very close fourth and kept the sailors on their toes.

The second race was sailed in flukier conditions and stronger gusts. Chandler once again got clear at the start. His brother Kirk closely followed him as they rounded the windward mark. Unfortunately for Kirk, both John and Andy benefited from a wind shift and were able to overtake him on the next windward leg. Chandler kept his lead for line honours, followed this time by John, and Andy finishing in third.

In the third, both John and Andy had great starts and sailed clear, with Kirk also making good progress upwind. Chandler caught up with John and Kirk, with Andy falling behind on the downwind leg. A rule infringement by John allowed Kirk and Chandler to break free. Chandler eventually sailed clear of his brother on the reach, and John also used the gust to get past Kirk. However, it wasn’t enough to reel Chandler in with him claiming a third straight win. Andy finished in third.

With the winner concluded, some competitors began to pack away, leaving Chandler and Andy to race. A dark storm cloud brought extremely strong winds and Andy began sailing away from Chandler, with the latter being overpowered. However, Chandler kept in close distance with Andy, and capitalised when the sun returned and winds dropped. Chandler got past Andy and opened up a comfortable lead. It finished with Chandler first and Andy second.

The Laser Open Cup was presented to Chandler after winning all four races, with Andy collecting second place and John getting the third place award.

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