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Paxton Youth League

The final round of the annual Cambs Youth League was held at Paxton Lakes Sailing Club after four previous events. Ely was represented by brother duo Chandler and Kirk Stamford, with Chandler sailing a Laser Full Rig and Kirk sailing a Topper.

The day was greeted with light winds, an average of 2 mph sometimes gusting to 4mph, making the racing slow but very tactical. There were 9 in the Laser fleet and 8 in the Topper fleet for the Ely Sailors to compete against.

The first race ended with Chandler finishing third Laser and fourth overall after a close tussle with the front sailors and several changes of position depending on who benefited from a gust. Kirk finished as first topper and seventh overall following a flying start and fast race.

Following lunch, the wind built slightly after a rain shower and Chandler capitalised on this, as well as taking a risk by starting at the opposite end of the line to the fleet to finish second overall. His brother Kirk was caught up at the start by some drifting boats and could not break clear. As a result, he had a close race with the rest of the fleet and finished 10th.

The wind had yet again disappeared for the start of the final race and the Lasers got off to a slow start making it around the first mark after 6 minutes. The course had changed for the last race, meaning it was favourable to sail high before bearing away around the island. Chandler used this to his advantage and sailed across the line as second Laser and third overall. Kirk, however, pipped Chandler to second place overall by having a superb race crossing the line as first Topper.

Overall on the day, Chandler won the Second Place trophy, with Kirk claiming the Second Place Under 15 trophy. In addition, as a result of Kirk's excellent finishing positions throughout the year, he was also awarded the Second Place Under 15 trophy for the series as a whole.

Well done to all competitors who took part and to the Ely Sailors who represented Ely SC throughout the year.

For a complete list of the overall finishing positions: CLICK HERE


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