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Laser Open 2016

On Saturday May 15th, Ely Sailing Club held their Laser Open having six sailors take part. Alayne Seymour, John Wells, Kirk Stamford and Ted Pepper represented Ely.

The wind was unpredictable and kept shifting before the start leading to several course changes. Eventually, the wind settled and the sailors prepared for the start. Duncan Ellis pushed ahead and led the race from the start claiming first place. Alayne Seymour was second maintaining her position across the three laps. John Wells finished twenty seconds later coming third. Ian Hayes claimed fourth. The Ely cadets sailing Radials had little experience sailing a laser, but they both tussled throughout the race with Kirk Stamford coming fifth and Ted Pepper coming sixth.

In the second race, all boats completed just two laps due to the lack of wind. John Wells flew off the start line and he maintained his position throughout the race. Kirk Stamford came second and Duncan Ellis came third. Shortly after, Ian Hayes finished fourth with Ted Pepper finishing fifth and Alayne Seymour coming sixth.

John Wells claimed first place again in the third race. Visitor Duncan Ellis finished second and Ted Pepper claimed third place. Ian Hayes, Kirk Stamford and Alayne Seymour took the remaining positions.

For the final race, the wind had built up compared to the previous three. John collected his hatrick of firsts with the visitors Ian Hayes and Duncan Hayes finishing second and third. Ted was fourth and Kirk was fifth followed by Alayne in sixth.

Thank you to all participants and the volunteers who ran the day.

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