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Cam Youth League 2016

Kirk and Ted jostling for first Topper

The sailors were greeted by testing blustery conditions with spells of rain and hail. There were 26 participants with Kirk Stamford and Ted Pepper representing Ely in their Toppers. This was Ted's first time sailing at Cam Sailing Club.

Due to the large number of Toppers, the race organisers decided to split the fleet and have separate starts. Ted Pepper was in the first start and Kirk Stamford was in the second.

In the first race, Kirk Stamford had a fantastic start with him pulling away from the rest of the fleet and leading the pursuit of the previous Topper start. Ted had an equally good start and found himself ahead of the other Toppers and pushing for first Topper position. As the race wore on and many sailors capsized (including an unfortunate dry capsize by Kirk), Kirk Stamford had closed down the fleet and was tussling with his club mate Ted for first Topper. They continued for several laps before Kirk eventually emerged first Topper with Ted second.

Race 1 Positions:

1) Terry Hacker (Hunts)

2) Kirk Stamford (Ely)

3) Thomas Bryant (Cam)

7) Ted Pepper (Ely)

In the second race, the wind was much stronger, and fluky. The gusts made mark rounding something of a challenge. Ted one again had a good start and was at the front of the Toppers. Kirk had an even better start than his first race and led the pursuit once again for the Topper that started earlier. Unfortunately, Ted capsized and had an altercation with some shallows and a river boat, but despite this carried on and claimed a well-placed twelfth position. Kirk avoided capsizing in this race and was once again first Topper to cross the line despite his 3 minute start delay. He finished 4th overall.

Race 2 Positions:

1) Terry Hacker (Hunts)

2) Thomas Bryant (Cam)

3) Harry Moffatt (Hunts)

4) Kirk Stamford (Ely)

12) Ted Pepper (Ely)

In the final race, the rain had reduced the wind to a gentle breeze and was a much slower pace. The Ely duo repeated their fine starting form and quickly caught up to battle it out once again. Due to the dying wind, the sailors only sailed 4 laps, excluding the Lasers which did 5 laps. Ted Pepper maintained his consistent form from the first race coming 7th overall. Kirk Stamford also replicated his first race as first Topper and 2nd overall.

Race 3 Positions:

1) Terry Hacker (Hunts)

2) Kirk Stamford (Ely)

3) Thomas Bryant (Cam)

7) Ted Pepper (Ely)

As a result, Kirk claimed the 2nd overall prize, and Ted claimed the 1st Under 15 prize.

The Ely prize winners


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