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Cambs Youth League - Ely 2015

Ely Prize Winners

Ely Prize Winners

The cadets were greeted by some testing conditions on Saturday 18th July with some exciting gusts and several wind directions over the lake. Ely were represented by 8 cadets in this event with 17 other cadets from surrounding clubs.

Team Ely consisted of:

Ted Pepper – Topper

Kirk Stamford – Topper

Matthew Campbell - Topper

Laura Campbell - Topper

Chandler Stamford – Laser Radial

Jack Knight – Laser Full Rig

Jamie Cammann – Laser Full Rig

Rhys Williams – Bug

In the first race, Kirk Stamford had a fantastic start in the Topper fleet, closely followed by Ted Pepper. Kirk had pulled out a 5 boat-length lead heading round the first mark with Ted close behind. Unfortunately, Laura, Matthew and Rhys found the gusts too much to handle and so retired. Kirk and Ted sailed fantastically and maintained their positions throughout the race lapping several boats. In the Laser fleet, there were significantly more boats on the line making jostling for a good start a challenge. Jack Knight, Jamie Cammann and Chandler Stamford all from Ely pulled out a fantastic start and the trio lead around the first mark. The upwind leg had some challenging wind to content with but the three Ely sailors ultimately kept their lead and sailed clear of the rest of the fleet. In fact, Chandler with the medium sized radial sail kept up and was only a boat length behind Jack and Jamie in full rigs over the finishing line. In the end, Chandler came first with Jack fourth and Jamie 7th. Kirk finished eighth and Ted finished in fourteenth place.

Following lunch, the breeze had picked up. The medium fleet featuring Kirk, Ted, Matthew, Laura and Rhys had good starts and sailed consistently and quickly much like their first race. Unfortunately, Rhys retired again, while Laura and Matthew were better prepared for the conditions and sailed on. In the Laser fleet, Chandler was pushed over the line allowing the rest of the fleet to get ahead with Jack and Jamie leading. After the first mark, Chandler received a lucky lift that sailed him back into third by mark 8. However, moments later, his mainsheet jammed during a gybe causing him to capsize. This allowed Jack and Jamie to sail clear. He recovered quickly however, and sailed back to be third Laser. In the end, Jamie finished 5 seconds ahead of Jack to claim first, Jack second, Chandler fourth and Kirk ninth. Ted was tenth, with Laura coming 21st and Matthew 23rd.

In the final race, Jack Knight finished 7 seconds ahead of Jamie to claim first after a lot of tussling and switching of positions. This left Jamie in third. Chandler finished as third laser again but on corrected time dropped to fourth. Kirk improved on his previous races claiming a sixth place and Ted came twelfth. Laura also improved coming 17th as did her brother Matthew who came 21st. Rhys finished this race but battling against the conditions left him tired by the end.

The final positions with two races to count

1. Jack Knight (1st, 2nd, [4th])

2. Jamie Cammann (1st, 3rd, [7th])

4. Chandler Stamford (1st, 4th, [4th])

7. Kirk Stamford (8th, 6th, [9th])

11. Ted Pepper (10th, 13th, [14th])

21. Laura Campbell (18th, 21st, [26th])

24. Matthew Campbell (22nd, 23rd, [27th])

25. Rhys Williams (25th, 26th, [27th])

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