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Team Racing Stage 1

The club welcomed 7 teams to the annual team racing event aimed to put your knowledge of the rules to the test. The day is filled with good spirit, but also a desire to stitch up your competitors by overusing the rules! Despite the rain from 1pm to 2pm, the racing continued allowing a total of 36 mini races to be held throughout the afternoon. Each race, one team was put against another and they had to work as a team to slow down their competitors and force them into illegal manoeuvres so they need to do penalty turns, whilst ensuring they finished ahead. All racing was done in the same class of boat to ensure no equipment advantages could be had.

Team Chandler and Kirk Stamford came out on top after claiming both first and second in all but one race. Second were ‘The Oldfarts’ Kevin Bilham and Gary Ungless who sailed fairly inconsistently with a few firsts but also a few lasts. Third was Steve Board and Jack Knight who were tied on points against ‘The Oldfarts’ but lost out on countback. We were also joined on the day by Gabby and James who despite only sailing for a month and suffering capsizes in the earlier gusts, didn’t give up and went out and gave it another go. On the other hand, Ted Pepper, the club’s newest cadet also sailed fantastically and was bossing the older sailors about with the rules. It was fantastic to watch!

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