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Cam - Cambs Youth League 2014

The Cam Youth League started off looking a little bit cold and damp. The weather forecast didn't look good, but our first impressions of Cam were very nice. After speaking to the very friendly Race Officer and his assistants, we rigged the boats and prepared for the first race.

Almost immediately, the gusts picked up and it was difficult launching the boats against the wind. There were 22 entries and the bank was packed with boats ranging from Oppie's to a National 12. The races had several starts in order to allow for the quantity of boats down the river.

In the first race, Jack Knight crewed by Mollie Lee in a National 12 sailed consistently and after working their way through the fleets, they finished a commendable 4th. Chandler Stamford in a Topper had a fantastic start and led nearly all the way to the first mark. Harry Moffatt and Chandler pulled away from the rest of the fleet and opened up a good lead. However, after getting stuck in the mud, he sailed his way back up to 7th. Kirk Stamford, also in a Topper, enjoyed an exciting and gusty race and finished a very well sailed 12th.

In the second race, the winds became more shifty with headers and gusts becoming more frequent. Chandler had another good start and like the previous race, he and Harry Moffat sailed away from the fleet. They had a good tussle up the beat with Chandler eventually losing out to a header, which put him in irons. Despite this, Chandler finished 6th. Jack and Mollie found the gusts challenging and flew past the majority of the sailors. After almost 50 minutes sailing, they finished 8th. Kirk had a better start than before and sailed well up the first reach. He was competitive with the other boats, but fell foul to the shallows. After getting free and finishing the race, he came 15th.

Finally, in the third race, the gusts were at their strongest. Kirk had a good start and battled with the wind to keep upright. However, after doing so well, he capsized on the last lap. Despite this, he finished 16th. Jack and Mollie sailed just as well as they had all day and battled against Jack Clarke in a Laser for most of the race. Thanks to a shortened course, they finished in a creditable 7th. Chandler had a mediocre start, but avoided shallows and headers to finish 4th.

The day was very enjoyable and we were very impressed by Cam Sailing Club. They managed the quatity of boats on the river well, and the races were well organised.


Chandler Stamford 7th 6th 4th 5th Overall

Jack Knight & Mollie Lee 4th 8th 7th 7th Overall

Kirk Stamford 12th 15th 16th 15th Overall

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