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Hunts Youth League 2013

There was a gentle breeze on Saturday at Hunts SC. The first race started with the fast fleet including Dalton Orchard (Laser) and Jack Knight crewed by Mollie Lee (N12). The next start was for the medium fleet including Chandler Stamford and Kirk Stamford (Toppers). However, the wind had dropped and the Medium and Slow fleet both suffered at the start. Chandler started to windward at the startline and rounded the mark first closely followed by Kirk Stamford and the rest of the fleet. Jack and Mollie went on to finish 5th, Dalton finished 16th, Chandler finished 23rd and Kirk finished 34th out of a fleet of 48 boats. The next race had more even wind strengths for all three starts and the wind had picked up in some areas of the course. Some of the younger sailors capsized but for most of the competitors, it was manageable. Jack consistently finished 5th, Chandler finished 19th, Dalton came 24th and Kirk finished in 35th place. Finally, after enjoying cookies served by the galley team, it was time for the last race. The wind had dropped and there were very little gusts - this incidentally led to a change of course. The fast fleet had just rounded the first mark when the second fleet began. Jack sailed well downwind and was up the front of the fast fleet. Dalton was also sailing well and found himself in the middle of the fleet. Chandler gained on the downwind leg and found himself in fourth position in the medium fleet. Kirk also sailed well. In the end, Chandler finished 12th, Jack and Mollie finished 13th, Dalton finished 21st and Kirk came 32nd. Overall positions were: Jack and Mollie - 8th Chandler - 17th Dalton - 20th Kirk - 37th (6th out of 13 competitors in the under 12's) Well done to Kirk for his first Youth League event and it was Kirk's first time at Hunts SC.

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