The club is a non-commercial organisation and has no staff. Therefore, one commitment of your membership is to help run the club itself. You will be allocated a duty up to 4 times a year to run or assist the activities on that day. The club is not able to function without you, and this is also a great opportunity to get to know other members much better. Duties minimise membership costs, encourage everyone to get involved, and engender a community spirit. A successful sailing club is the result of the willing participation of its members.

Although the idea of a duty can appear daunting, especially to a new member, the duty calendar is constructed such that inexperienced members are given assistant roles and are partnered with experienced members to assist you. All members are happy to provide advice or assist you if you are unsure. The Duty Guide Book linked on the page is a good starting point for new members, as it includes expected tasks and a break down of the role. It also provides a step by step guide on being a duty officer. With a little bit of preparation by reading the guide, the session will run smoothly and everyone at the club will appreciate your efforts.

Duty crew should aim to arrive at the sailing club 30 minutes before opening time, in order to setup the galley, unlock doors/gates, and launch the rescue boat (if a qualified powerboat driver).

Assistant Race Officers are there to provide assistance to the Officer of the Day and Rescue Driver. It would be a good idea to read not just the Assistant section of the duty guide, but also the Officer of the Day and the Rescue Driver sections to help you understand what your fellow duty crew's roles are and how you can assist.


The online system DutyMan is used to allocate duties. When the club adds you to the duty roster, you will be assigned an account with DutyMan and emailed your login details and allocated duties. The benefit of DutyMan is it allows members to request duty swaps if unable to attend certain dates, as well as volunteer for empty duty slots. It also sends an email reminder that you have a duty coming up. For further guidance on how to use Dutyman, see this link: DutyMan HELP