Covid-19 - Phase 3 - Moving forward with safe sailing

Revised 22nd July 2020

With the Lockdown restrictions being eased more to allow sport for exercising, the Committee has been meeting regularly to revise the plan for getting our sailors back onto the water.  The following provides an up to date list, less onerous set of byelaws. We have been guided by the Government guidelines and the RYA, who have published guidance notes.  The current regulations allow us to sail for exercise and we can now operate racing (in a different mode), social sailing and social activities (within a controlled environment) which we have tried out and tested successfully.  

Before going to the club please fill in the club register so that members have visibility of numbers attending the club at any one time during this period. The register is HERE.


Reintroduction of Duty Officers

We are asking volunteers to be duty officer initially on Saturday afternoon 1pm till 5pm. The duty officer will be able to open the club to allow access to the toilets.  Please contact Simon, ESC Commodore if you can volunteer HERE.

There will be hand sanitizers for use in the club by the corridor to the changing rooms and anti bac wipes to wipe down after use. These areas will be cleaned during the week when the club is not in use.

The duty officer will be able to use the safety boat if needed, this is mainly to offer reassurance to members who are not used to sailing without any safety cover.


​There is also the possibility of members of the training team will offer some coaching when they have volunteered to be duty officer.

Mast head floats will always be required on the club boats. Members with their own boats with buoyancy systems in the mast or mast head floats will be required to use them when the wind strength is 25mph or more.


The club will hope to run races on Sunday morning starting about 11:30.

All cadets sailors U16 must have an adult on-site.

The Commodore and Ely Sailing Club Committee appeal to sailors to enjoy our sport with common sense and sail within their limits. Also bear in mind as with most things you partake in it is at your own risk.

Use of Club Boats

You may rent a boat for a weekend i.e. Saturday and Sunday sailing.

​Rentals are made through WebCollect - HERE.


Please ensure that record your visit to the club in the register HERE.

Boats are made available each Monday before the coming weekend.


Your boat and equipment will be labelled, and you must use the same boat and equipment on both days of the hire. Further details are available HERE.

Club buoyancy aids are not available.  Please bring your own.

Club boats are located closely to one another so be aware if another boat is being rigged, there may be a delay in accessing your boat in order to respect social distancing.

It is essential that you sail with caution and consideration. As an independent sailor you must decide if the conditions are suitable for your fitness and sailing ability and remember that you have responsibility for making sure that your craft is rigged correctly. The club reserves the right to withdraw your entitlement to sail.

Members are expected to take reasonable care of the boat on loan to them, to not misuse it, modify it or take it off site. 


Members should report any signs of wear or damage to the boat to the Commodore as soon as possible.


In the unlikely event of damage being caused by a member’s negligence then we will ask them to cover the cost of the repair.


Members with their own boat

You can come to the club on any day of the week and use your own craft to sail on our water. In addition to our normal Sailing Rules and Club Bye-laws there are some supplementary measures that you will be required to observe in relation to the additional risks that the Covid -19 virus presents to our well-being.

If you are intending sailing please ensure that record your visit to the club in the register HERE.

Covid measures for all members

You should not come to the club if you have Covid-19 symptoms. If you have had contact with a work colleague, family or household member who is unwell with the symptoms of Covid-19 you should not attend the club for a minimum of 14 days

We must practice social distancing at all times, on and off the water. This means that you cannot sail your boat with anyone who is not in your household as a crew, additionally we should avoid touching other members’ craft or trolleys.

Should members fail to maintain social distancing, the club may have to impose a limit to the number of boats on the water at any one time, or even stop sailing completely.

The clubhouse is closed unless there is duty officer available on a Saturday (see above regarding volunteers).  None of the facilities of the clubhouse are available; this means there are no toilets available on site for your use. You may decide to get changed at home; please be discreet if you are changing on the car park!

Caution will be required when opening and closing the gates; the use of gloves and /or hand sanitiser should be considered. The gate should remain closed to avoid casual visits by other users.

The club is permitted by law to organise activity for an unlimited number of boats afloat as long as it can restrict ‘gatherings’ on land to less than 30 within communal areas such as boat parks. The current Government guidance is that we should only gather outdoors in a group of up to six people from different households, whilst following social distancing guidelines.

Sail conservatively i.e. sail well within your capabilities to avoid accidents and 999 calls. Remember that you are sailing independently and that there is no safety boat cover, apart from organised sessions when there is a duty officer on site. You can of course arrange to sail at the same time as another boat owning member; you could use our Facebook page to seek a sailing buddy if you wish.

You should carry out thorough pre sail checks on your equipment – particularly if it has laid dormant for many months.

Mast head floats will always be required on the club boats. Members with their own boats with buoyancy systems in the mast or mast head floats will be required to use them when the wind strength is 25mph or more.


It is recommended that you carry paddles in your boat.

It is recommended that you take a mobile phone with you onto the lake and/or advise someone that you are going sailing in case you require help at any point.

In the unlikely event that you have to abandon your boat in the water and require help/assistance to recover it, please email the club using the website to arrange this.

All members can access a link to a spreadsheet where they can see how many people are planning to go sailing on any particular day.   They can then add their name to the list or, if no current list, start a new column with the relevant date.  Please use the spreadsheet as it will help with traceability should anyone become ill as well as avoiding wasted journeys for those members who live some distance away from the club.

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