Ely Sailing Club has wide variety of dinghies; both available to rent and privately owned boats. The club rental boats have been selected to be suitable for our waters and cover a wide range of crew abilities. Many of the dinghies are regularly renewed and all are kept in good condition. As an RYA club we are annually inspected and our fleet is kept well above the minimum standards.


All club boats are available for hire to club members at very reasonable rates for all sailing sessions. The only restriction is that the helm must be experienced enough to handle the conditions. Most of the dinghies are used for our training courses.

The different classes of boats predominately sailed at Ely SC are shown below.  Those available to hire are listed in RED.


Although designed by Bruce Kirby in 1971, the Laser has the appearance of a much more modern boat. Sailed all over the world, it is a popular single hander which requires strength and agility in stronger winds. There are three sizes of sail, (Full, Radial and 4.7 rigs) to suit the weight and experience of the helm. All Lasers come with fibre glass hulls.


The National Solo is a single hander with a fully battened sail. Designed in 1956 by Jack Holt, it remains a popular boat suited to a range of conditions. The sail area is large for a single-handed boat and helms are able to choose a mast section to suit their weight. Solo's are available with wood, glass fibre or the newer FRP hulls.


The single-handed Topper was designed by Ian Proctor in 1976 and is made of polypropylene. While being popular with juniors, it remains a fun boat for adults, particularly in stronger winds. Toppers are easy to rig and sail. They are also easy to right from capsize. Ely's Toppers are centre mainsheet rigged.

RC Phantom - model yacht


Our model yacht fleet uses the radio controlled DragonForce 65 class. Designed for those who enjoy model yachting, don't like getting wet or circumstances prevent them from sailing. The boat is very cheap to purchase and sails easily for beginners. Races are held on Tuesday Evenings in the summer from 5pm, and Saturday Afternoons in the winter from 2pm.

Mixed Fleet

The handicap fleet is a variety of dinghies that fall under this category due to not meeting the minimum number required to be considered a fleet at our club. Boats under this category include National 12, Enterprise, Gull, Mirror, Optimist, Laser Pico, Wayfarer, Laser 2000, GP14, Comet, Laser Bug and more.

Fleet Captain: Garry Morris


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Laser 2000

RS Zest

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  • 4 Club boats available

  • Manufacturer's website: RS ZEST