COVID-19 - Safe sailing

Update - March 2022

The ESC Committee has continued to monitor the guidance provided by the Government and RYA throughout the pandemic.

The club requests that members continue to adhere to the COVID rules in place.

If you have any symptoms, then as with any other infection that you could pass on to others, such as Flu or nasty coughs and colds,  please be considerate of others who may be more vulnerable than you and stay away from club activities until you are better. 

Duty Officers

During the 2022 Season the following duty offices will be in place:


  • Thursday evenings: 1 duty officer on rescue boat

  • Friday evenings: 1 duty officer on rescue boat

  • Saturday afternoons: 2 duty officers; Officer of the Day and rescue boat 

  • Sunday afternoons: 3 duty officers; Officer of the Day, Assistant and rescue boat*

* If conditions allow then the person on rescue duty should be allowed to join in the racing as long as the rescue boat is out and ready.  The club will re-introduce the scoring compensation for people on duties who would otherwise take part in the racing.

Mast Head Floats

  • The club strongly advises everyone to use them; it reduces the need for the rescue boat to be deployed and potential damage to the boat

  • Club boats MUST have them fitted; each boat will have one provided​

  • Members with their own boats with buoyancy systems in the mast or mast head floats will be required to use them when the wind strength is 25mph or more.